About us

Course lecturers have vast experience in exercise programming.

Jerzy Rybicki, MD,PhD, internal medicine and rehabilitation specialist with over 30 years experience in cardiac rehabilitation. He has been serving for a years as a Head of Cardiac Rehabilitation Department at Repty Center, Tarnowskie Gory, Poland.  

Dr Rybicki implemented individual ramp exercise test protocols, e.g., Rybicki 5 to attain specific number of METs just at 10th minute of the exercise test.  

He created customized formula of MET-to-Watt calculation and exercise intensity calculator.

Dr Rybicki has been actively involved in the past in development of the Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Physiology Section of the Polish Cardiac Society. 

He is an author or co-author of 6 textbooks and over 60 peer-reviewed articles.

Adam Staron, MD,PhD, consultant cardiologist with 10 years experience in cardiac rehabilitation. 

Dr Staron has been awarded the European Society of Cardiology training grant (Milan,2008).  

Dr Staron established in 2014 Cardiac Rehabilitation Department in Katowice, implementing joga and tai chi.

He established in 2018 the first exercise training program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2018.

Dr Staron is the main author of cardiac rehabilitation textbook "Exercise prescription in cardiac rehabilitation" published by MDPI (2022).

Dr Staron is currently serving as a Head of Cardiac Rehabilitation Department in Gliwice, Poland.

He is also a Board Member of the Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Physiology Section of the Polish Cardiac Society.

Agata Nowak-Lis, PhD,physiotherapist and academic teacher. Completed her professional internship at the San Raffaele Clinic in Rome in the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation department. Currently works as an assistant professor at the J. Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education in Katowice. She has made numerous speeches at international and national conferences and constantly participates in grants and scientific programs aimed at combining modern technologies with physical rehabilitation. Together with her team, she conducts a number of studies that are intended to lead to the creation of new methods of cardiac rehabilitation. One of such experiments is her original program using artificial hypoxia conditions during the rehabilitation of patients after myocardial infarction.

Monika Socha-Masztafiak, PhD has 10 years experience in cardiac rehabilitation. She has been participated in numerous courses and is actively involved in research activities. She has been working as physiotherapist coordinator at Physio Factory in Chorzow since 2020. Dr Socha-Masztafiak joined Cardiac Rehabilitation Department in Gliwice in 2023. She is actively involved in clinical and academic work.